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The international impact of Sweeten Life Systems (SLS) continues to expand, with centers that use the SLS approach to relationships in Scandinavia, Russia, and Asia.

The first international foray was to train Seasoned Leaders from the revival movement in Scandinavia, when Gary was still with Equipping Ministries International (EMI). Over time, Teleios Centers were established in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and EMI and SLS trained the staff how to train others. These centers continue to be active.

While on a training trip to Norway in 1990, Steve Griebling and Tom Fruth were blessed with a vision and word about taking Gary’s message to Russia. As a result, in 1991, Gary traveled to Moscow, where he met Galina Chentsova, an M.D. and a Psychiatrist, who wanted to learn how to integrate medicine, psychology, and Christianity in treatment plans. Soon after meeting Gary, Galina came to Cincinnati, studied medicine at a local hospital for several months and attended peer helper training events at EMI.

Using those experiences, she returned to Russia and established Teleios Moscow (now called Liferoute ). She and her team have established Teleios Training Centers in many other sections of the former USSR and continue to bring the SLS approach to building “A Lifetime of Great Relationships” to that area of the world. Some of Liferoutes accomplishments include:
  • A School of Lay Counseling, which provides extensive SLS-based training in topics such as co-dependency, the basics of healthy Christian communication, the problems of boundaries, leading prayer groups and Bible study classes, conflict resolution, and family of origin issues.
  • Lectures on codependence and family issues and 12-Step support groups formed by students from Care & Cure School.
  • Advanced training for the team and team leaders. Galina says she is “pleased with the results. They are growing and reaching others.”
  • A growing family ministry at a church in Ramenskoe, some 31 miles from Moscow.

Gary’s extensive ministry to Asia began in 1994. Caleb Chan, Minister of Growth and Healing at Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore, invited Gary to be the principal trainer and consultant to FCBC and its International Cell Group Training Centre. This assignment led to other opportunities to train, coach and consult in Singapore, Taiwan and China. Gary and the SLS team have provided extensive training to  the Anglican Church, The Methodist Church as well as three universities, a seminary, and the Muslim Professional Association. 

You can support SLS Global Network through your prayers and donations. 



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