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The Significance Center is a faith based, non-sectarian, non-political educational wing of Sweeten Life Systems. It is dedicated to improving the spiritual, economic, creative, and educational welfare of organizations, families, and individuals. It will impact the world, but has a special focus on Greater Cincinnati.


To some extent, the center will replicate the ideas of Dr. Delyte Morris, who transformed Southern Illinois University (SIU) from a sleepy little teachers’ college to an internationally renowned undergraduate and graduate school by attracting numerous well-known professors to the campus who were willing to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom at a small cost.

View this video to hear Dr. Sweeten's vision for the Significance Center and the role Dr. Morris, president of SIU, had in shaping that vision.

Here's more information on the inspiration of Dr. Morris.

First, Dr. Morris convinced representatives from both political parties in southern Illinois to provide the monies necessary to build the new buildings and hire good faculty. Second, Dr. Morris convinced outstanding and even famous scholars, entrepreneurs, and leaders to come to Carbondale, Illinois by recruiting men and women who were retired but still active and intellectually alert. They were allowed to teach whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted. They received no salary, but SIU offered them an office, teaching assistants, and a residence.

Dr. Sweeten discovered the power of this approach when he was assigned to assist a very famous retired Renaissance Man who had been involved the arts, poetry, architecture, creative thinking, and futurism, a genius whose retirement made no sense to him personally or professionally. Bored and frustrated, when Dr. Morris contacted him he was revitalized and excited to give himself freely to SIU. His name was R. Buckminster Fuller. He and many other seasoned citizens were more than happy to mentor students, teach graduate students, and spend time with eager young people.

Today there are a massive number of Seasoned Believer baby-boomers, living longer with greater financial resources and many years of Biblical and spiritual training. These millions of well-educated men and women have a faith and a commitment to God that is holistic and mature. Their careers have been fulfilling. They understand how to succeed in an international market place.


Many have reached a point where business no longer fulfills their desire to use their talents, gifts, and experiences to add significantly to the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Many are financially secure and physically vital as well as organizationally wise. They have the capacity to provide years of extremely valuable service possible. All they need is a place where they can network with others of a like-mind and experience and share their wisdom with younger believers and non-believers alike.


The Significance Center will be such a place, focused on distributing spiritual, relational, and family resources to those who are in need.

Taking its lead from Dr. Morris, the Significance Center will recruit bright, capable, experienced, and internationally-known wise men and women in business, arts, music, religion, counseling, science, medicine, philosophy, evangelism, missions, and more. Through dialogue, discussions and papers presented and discussed over several days as a community, these men and women will give of their knowledge and wisdom in order to expand God’s work on earth.

We are especially interested in recruiting, involving, and mobilizing entrepreneurs. Our processes will include communities of practice, retreats, visiting international thought leaders, and insightful scientists who are promoting the integration of faith and life. We will involve people in dialogue to develop networks of ministry and fellowships of creativity. Our hope and expectation is that new, creative forms of Christian practice will emerge.

The Significance Center will hold regular sessions to help Seasoned Believers discover the next phase for using their gifts in answer to their call. There are millions of men and women from every walk of life whose talents are being buried. The Significance Center will resurrect the buried treasures and distribute them around the world.


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