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Hope for Cincinnati
For the past fifteen years a group of us has sponsored quarterly gatherings of Pastors, Priests, Elders, Para-Church Leaders and other Key Influencers from Greater Cincinnati to come together for prayer, sharing struggles and victories and networking.
It has proven to be quite successful in developing mutually supportive relationships among Christians from a wide variety of denominations and careers. Our 2010 Fall Kickoff was held on Friday, September 24, 2010 at the Life Way Counseling Center in Blue Ash.
A small group of seven persons came together and shared our pains, pressing issues and proactive interests. We discovered that some of us were in similar calls and ministries, but did not know of each other so cards were distributed and ministry specifics offered. Two of the brothers were surprised to learn that they have dynamic ministries in Haiti and each is deeply involved with sports as an outreach.
There was also an interest in Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling and understanding when to refer a person to Life Way Counseling Centers. Yvonne Peay, a Ph. D. Pastoral Counselor, shared her insights and I gave each a referral guide and check lists on suicide, depression and other difficulties. (See Downloads)
Why Have Support Systems for Ministers?
Sweeten Life Systems has been deeply involved in supporting Ministers and Peer Leaders for many years by providing private, confidential places for sharing and prayer. We all know that Ministry is difficult and not everyone who enters the field survives. However, we also know that those who come together for mutual support stay healthier and stay in ministry.

The statistics about the high number of people who leave the ministry prematurely are staggering. According to Joseph Umidi of Regent University in Virginia Beach, some 75% of all graduates from Christian seminaries are mentally, emotionally and spiritually unable to stay in their chosen profession. According to Professor Umidi, those who do remain get by with a little help from their friends.

Prayer for Cincinnati
Since 1995 a place for city elders to find mutual support, prayer and networking




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