Our Russian Ministry

Recently, our ministry partners in Russia provided this report on their accomplishments  in implementing the SLS method for creating "A Lifetime of Great Relationships” to the former Soviet Union.

I’ll let you read the letter.

The third semester of our School of Lay Counseling will be over early in July. We are working on the certificates for our students. There are 13 graduates, 8 of them are from ______ church, so Fr. ______ is looking forward to include them into soul care ministry. Some of them are more advanced than others, but they all meet our requirements and we are ready to give them supervision.

The lectures on codependence and family issues, started by our team members, continue. More than 20 new people are attending them every Monday. A new 12-Step support group has been formed for them by our students from Care & Cure School.

We've gotten an invitation from a small but very active Evangelical church in _____ region (160 miles from Moscow) to give them some training on support group leading. Our plan is to go there early in August. Please pray.

On June 12, the team will lead Apples 2, hopefully with the minimal support from me. It's the first time they will do it by themselves. They are a little nervous, so it's another prayer request.

I'm doing a lot of advanced training for the team and leaders. I'm pleased with the results. They are growing and reaching others.

Family ministry at ______ church in _______, some 36 miles from Moscow, is growing. Steve [Griebling] will come again this year and give a short seminar there with Pastor _______.

Listening for Heaven’s Sake is being sold well both in the city and among our students and group participants, who are using it as a manual.

Isn’t that great, encouraging news! The Kingdom of God is moving in the world.

You can support their ministry by:

  • Praying and sending encouraging emails them via info@sweetenlife.com
  • Signing up for our newsletter
  • Donating to SLS
Oppression is returning to Russia so we can't mention names.

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