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Hello, we are glad you are here. It is difficult to write on a web page because it is so impersonal and our life and work are all about developing "A lifetime of great relationships” and that requires getting to know each other face to face.  Since I was a small boy my family, classmates and teachers sought me out for friendship, support and encouragement. That focus has been my lot in life no matter what job I was doing.

As a teacher, mechanic, college administrator and a minister I always believed that building good relationships was the most important thing I could do. However, I did not know exactly how to go about building good relationships. My harsh personality and childhood wounds left me with many bad habits and poor interpersonal skills that rubbed many people the wrong way. Despite these barriers, I worked hard to be a caring man, but my knowledge of what was effective was sorely lacking.

During college I learned how to relate with more health in some of the classes. Thanks to a warm, caring wife I received many practical lessons in listening to others. But not until I had finished all the course work for a doctorate in counseling that I was finally introduced to the skill practice of building great relationships. The lessons I learned from Dr. Rich Walters in 1974 at age 44 were life changing and liberating.  So helpful in fact that I developed a passion to teach those skills to others so people could be blessed as much as I, and hopefully, much earlier in life.
Since the Seventies I have focused on developing my own skills and it has been a humbling battle.  It is not pleasant to look at myself in the mirror of honest feedback from teachers and peers. As Pogo the Possum of olden cartoon days said, "We have met the enemy and it is us.” One of the reasons I like to write and teach both the theory and practice of developing better interpersonal relationships is because I need it so much myself.
How about you? Have you volunteered to learn better how to improve the ways you relate with your spouse and kids? Do you find yourself getting impatient and short with the ones you love the most? Do you treat strangers better than you treat those closest to you? Jesus said that we would recognize other Believers by their fruit. Can others tell that you have a godly growth of the fruit of the Spirit? (Gal 5:22)
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