All families are dysfunctional; but you can have fun and enjoy your family. Join Gary Sweeten in this 5-week seminar where we will deal with the families we grew up in. We'll learn how to bring healing into our families, and how to have greater peace. Using family maps we will reveal why your family members tend to drive you crazy; and learn how to be free in your family tree! July 11, Mondays 7:30-8:45. Childcare is available. register here

The Third Option : on going program to build
better marriages. Meets weekly at
  Montgomery  Community Church (childcare
   available) and Good Shephard Lutheran
Church (childcare available for children
 with special needs).   Contact Dick or Karen at 513-398-9720.


Hope & Change for Humpty Dumpty

A training manual for those who want to promote healing, growth and change in others. Critically important for leaders, coaches, teachers, and ministers.  BUY »


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