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Early Christianity flourished at a time when the Roman Empire was violent and families were under severe attack. In that period, Christ’s love and power drew people into fellowships that created healthy thriving and functional individuals and families. This happened because:

The early Christian church was the most powerful healing growth community that the world has ever known. I have researched many small groups and healing movements but none compare to the church.

I first heard those words by an agnostic psychologist, O. H. Mowrer, in 1969.

At that same time, I heard the following spoken by Dr. Carl Rogers:

From now on the key to effective counseling will not be professional psychologists but trained lay persons. They are as effective as professionals and much less expensive.

I was initially stunned and then excited by these two revelations. Ever since, I have passionately pursued the vision of restoring the churches to Jesus Christ to that ancient state for facilitating healthy families. Sweeten Life Systems (SLS) brings vitality to the family and organizational systems that form the web of love and health in our society.

We have personally seen the devastation that comes from having a severe family sickness, disability, or dysfunction. The SLS team specializes in restoring families to health and vitality while facing and overcoming even the most serious issues.

As stated in I Corinthians, Chapter12: "When one member of God’s family hurts we all feel the pain.” A combination of scripture and research led SLS to develop a unique approach to turning trials it into generational blessings.


A modern Christian hymn by Ray Bortz states:

"Thank you, for giving to the Lord;
I am a life that was changed!”

AT SLS, we ask, "How was your life changed?” Here are just some of the answers.

One our peer care givers said:

Taking and teaching (Gary’s) courses have been life changing. They enabled me to heal bitterness in my own heart and to better hear the hearts of others. Through (these) teachings I better understand and have experienced ‘Jesus as the Great Physician’ who wants to make us whole.

A pastor wrote:

As a pastor at times it is hard to find someone who is safe and who understands the true challenges of ministry. (SLS) provided a confidential and understanding ear to me and my wife as (we) worked through. [It] provided an excellent understanding of family [and] for [ us to] better grasp our family of origin backgrounds and issues and how they have affected our family today.

Another pastor said:

The workshops you have offered on parenting & family dynamics have all been well received and made a huge positive impact on our leaders. Thanks for equipping our leaders for better and more impacting service.

Any family in crisis without spiritual support is a tragedy. Misery can be avoided with well-trained care. Sweeten Life Systems equips pastoral and lay Christians with the knowledge and skills to create functional family life for generations.

We invite you to support the ongoing SLS work to build "A Lifetime of Great Relationships” through:

· Praying

· Volunteering

· Donating

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