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We at Sweeten Life have focused on helping leaders become better at influencing others for four decades. Our seminars, written materials, workshops, teachings and consultations as well as coaching sessions are well received in many nations. The theme of the Sweeten Life mission, to "Build a lifetime of great relationships” is needed and appreciated among the ranks of organizational leaders more than anywhere else. Some people are born with the ability to influence others. However, we have never met anyone who could not benefit from insights from coaches and consultants. The best men and women in sports have coaches. The best and most effective organizational leaders are never satisfied with resting on past laurels. The best churches, ministries, businesses and teams love to call themselves Learning Organizations. Even the best want to be better!

In the past few decades we have seen a dramatic shift in the availability of well trained, mature, generous Seasoned Believers to be involved as servant leaders in organizations dedicated to make a difference in their communities and the world. Sweeten Life Systems has begun to recruit these men and women and equip them to unleash their gifts, talents, insights, wisdom and resources to positively impact others. We are especially interested in equipping Seasoned Believers to support and mentor young families with special needs. The gold in their teeth and the silver in their hair is desperately needed by families stressed by modern pressures and children with extraordinary needs.


Hope & Change for Humpty Dumpty

A training manual for those who want to promote healing, growth and change in others. Critically important for leaders, coaches, teachers, and ministers.  BUY »


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