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As Christians grow in their faith and progress in their life, they periodically face challenges, changes, and roadblocks. A faith-based practice that worked when they were 30 most likely no longer applies, and in fact may no longer be enjoyable, when they are 50.


Often, these Seasoned Believers don’t know for sure what they want to do and where they want to go next. They may even feel guilty about changing, as if they, somehow, have lost faith, when all that has happened is their expression of their faith has changed.


SLS coaching and mentoring can help, using our asset-based approach to help people overcome roadblocks and achieve their potential. Like a golfer that turns to a coach to help adjust a swing, putting, or a short game, Seasoned Believers seek coaches to improve their life at home and at work. The coach works with the believer to assess goals, gifts, talents and interpersonal skills in planning the future. The coach also helps with action plans and accountability.

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Hope & Change for Humpty Dumpty

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