It Takes a Whole Village Research Results

There are few opportunities in life to develop an innovation that changes the entire system of growth and healing for families. But God opened just that kind of door for Sweeten Life in 2009 when we received a grant from The Hatton Foundation. Our task was to conduct an in depth research study with families who have children with a special need. 

The Sweeten Life team, headed by P&G Research Fellow Jim Donovan, asked the families to describe their major stresses and challenges and how we can develop support systems for the whole family. The research process and its results yielded a gold mine of insights about ways we can understand the needs and strengths of families.
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Now Sweeten Life is ready, through the SweetenLife VIP Family Care, to share those insights and the simple, transferrable assessment processes with any person or group interested in helping families build better relationships with God, each other and their neighbors.  SLS will also teach our VIP partners the critical Special Life Skills identified in the research.

All families receiving support can gain from the experience . . .

  • Reduced isolation from others
  • Goal setting and implementation skills
  • Improved relationships with extended family, friends, and colleagues
  • Higher quality of life with every member of the family
  • Substantial spiritual and emotional growth
Every organization participating will receive…
  • Training relevant to family life and to families with a special need
  • Information about ways to expand their influence
  • How to design a successful program
  • Personal and Para-Professional Certification 
  • Organizational Certification


What organizations can benefit?

Any Church, Para-church or Community group committed to:
Equipping the laity to support and care
Building family life
Caring for people in need


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